Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful ladies who have the joy of being called “Mommy!”

I love Mother’s Day because it allows the mom’s who work tirelessly nonstop all year to be appreciated for what they do for us each and every day. It gives them a chance to relax and have stuff done for them instead.

However, thanking your mom isn’t something that should just be done on mother’s day. Mothers aren’t slaves or servants and they shouldn’t be treated like they are. Think about how many sleepless nights, tantrums, school projects, and obnoxious friends your mom has dealt with over the years.

I look at teenagers today who are disrespectful to their moms 364 days a year and are only polite and loving on mother’s day. How can we think that is right? Moms aren’t just loving, kind, and helpful one day a year, so why should we only appreciate them one day a year?

So, I encourage you to spend time today thanking and loving on your mom (she definitely deserves it!) but don’t forget to do it tomorrow, and the next day, and next month, and next year.

I love you, Mom! You truly are the best!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    1. Thanks, Anna! I love your blog and you are definitely an awesome blogger! Thank you for thinking of me. I’ll try and answer it soon. 😉

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